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Custom Plastic Forming
Custom Plastic Forming

A world-class thermoforming plant that looks at the entire manufacturing process, from design to delivery, and provides solutions and services that help maximize profits for many commercial and industrial clients.


Celgard is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance membrane separator technology.

Rowan Cabarrus Community College
Rowan Cabarrus Community College

A thriving educational experience with over 50 years of service to Rowan and Cabarrus Counties having educated more than 650,000 students.


K Tech

Ketchie, Inc. is a third-generation, ISO certified, woman-owned and operated business enterprise, positioned to grow through capital investments in new equipment and technology operating CNC equipment. They are a full-service precision machine shop providing scalable, comprehensive supply solutions for both government and commercial clients. They also manufacture our their line of heavy and standard mounted bearing units.

Troy Medical
Troyer Medical

A custom golf cart accessory manufacturing and distribution plant located in Salisbury NC.


Located in Landis NC, Troyer medical is a family medical practice that also specializes in addiction treatment.


Double Take
Ketchie Inc.
Main Stream Pets
Main Stream Pets
Continental Stroutural
Continental Structural Plastics

Main Stream pets is a small, family owned pet store in Salisbury NC. They offer grooming services and have a full pet supply inventory.


A full-service, design responsible supplier to the automotive and transportation industries, creating lightweight, advanced composite materials to produce Class A closures, pickup boxes, EV battery carriers, structural components and more.


Dura-Bar Metal
Muller Systems
Mueller Systems

Dur-Bar Metal Services offers a wide range of services to help its customers save time and money. They supply material as-cast at full bar lengths or processed to meet their customer's needs.



Mueller Systems solves countless challenges facing the municipalities and others involved in water management. Simply put, Mueller Systems is Where Intelligence Meets Infrastructure


UNC Charlotte, North Carolina's urban research university, fuels American innovation in everything from resilient and sustainable architecture and environmental systems to epidemiological modeling and sustainable energy, to shaping the future of work for greater Charlotte and beyond.


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