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Live environments bring energy and innovation to the learning dynamic because your team's dialogue always compliments our high-quality content and course delivery. Please take a moment to review the list of courses. If you find something that can benefit your team, simply click the link to schedule your course. If the course you have in mind is unavailable, click the customized training link and learn how we can quickly and affordably create the content of your dreams.

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


With all the stress our current environment places on its  leaders, Emotional Intelligence is the single most important skill we need to master. Learn how you can identify your emotions, and speak about them without speaking from them. This course should be considered professionalism 101 and a prerequisite for any career.

Strategic Thinking, 5 W's


Success requires two basic elements: making a plan and working a plan. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to put those two things together. They get bogged down in the details and drown in the chaos of it all long before they ever learn to swim. This course teaches you how to connect the dots in your plan in the order you need to follow.

Workplace Dysfunction


A great organizational culture is gold. Unfortunately, few people have ever experience it. Instead, dysfunction aligns people against one another and creates an environment of survival rather than collaboration. Overcoming Workplace Dysfunction is the key to your team's future success. Bring them all together in this dynamic course and watch the magic happen!

Effective Communication


How we communicate is far more important than what we're saying. Its imperative we learn to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding. Learn how you can help your team avoid faulty assumptions and jumping to conclusions that engender resentment. Learning to communicate in a manner that fosters safety, always brings about collaboration and innovation

Effective Change Managment


Organizational change is a systematic process passing through various stages on its way toward an intended goal. Understanding the systems of change and the dynamics of each equips you to navigate the waters of transition with less turbulence. If you know what to expect during a process you are better prepared to deal with it. This course is a must for any leader who dares to dream of a future that looks different than the present.

Effective Conflict Managment


Conflict is a wonderful thing if managed well. Why do we continually avoid it? Because, past experiences have shaded our view of present opportunities. Learn how to navigate the emotions of conflict as you are experiencing them, and utilize the energy you save to formulate an intentional plan that embraces conflict and produces collaboration. Learn how you can separate ideologies from individuals and find value in the person behind the problem.

Post Covid Employee Engagement


One thing we repeatedly hear from our clients is,

"It's so difficult to retain employees now that COVID is behind us. It seems like the whole world has changed." Truth be told, it has. How we attract, engage, and retain employees today is totally different than it was just a few years ago.

We designed this course to help our clients understand the "why" behind the problem. How to engage employees post-COVID is the most requested training topic among employers.  This is simply the best material on the subject available today.

Time Management


Most people feel victimized by their lack of time, but you can learn to manage it to work to your advantage. In this course, you'll discover how to adjust your thinking by merging effectiveness and efficiency in a way that realizes desired results. Redeem the time you're wasting and recognize how you're doing it. Learning how to evaluate your schedule in a new, innovative way will free you up to become more effective in every area of your life. Harness the chaos and make it work for you rather than against you. 

Harassment, Diversity, and Inclusion



Diversity and inclusion are beautiful things. They open doors and market shares never before recognized. Too often, courses like these unknowingly divide the workforce in their attempt to bring it together. At The Kannenberg Group, we designed this course to unite everybody by identifying the common enemy driving a wedge between us. Harassment is a failure to treat others fairly. Our course is designed to unite workforces through the age-old process of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  That includes everybody.

Communication and Personality Styles


There is more to communication than just what is being said. Properly framing words is sometimes more important than the words themselves. Learn how to frame messages in a way that looks better hanging on your intended target's office wall than on your own. During this class, you will develop skills to identify various personality types and recognize the specific ways in which they communicate. You'll be amazed at how much your office environment will change when your team learns to understand the who behind the message.

Leadership Theory


This course is the 30,000-foot view of the science of leadership as a whole. We examine all the trending theories and leadership styles: core issues, the behavioral approach, the situational approach, path-goal theory, LMX theory, transformational leadership, authentic leadership, servant leadership, adaptive leadership, situational leadership, steward leadership, and much more. This is an advanced-level course designed to help upper-level executives identify their own personal leadership brand and then work to perpetuate that brand among the leaders they've hired to run their organizations

Managing Stress


Self-preservation in stressful situations is a must for every professional. Learn to recognize who you are outside of what you do. If you struggle with your own identity, others will possess the power to control you. This course is designed to help you recognize how stress affects your thinking, how emotions often hijack your rationality, and how your attitude is impacted by it all. Learn to identify and maintain a baseline of curiosity to avoid the basement of despair. This course is Professional Survival 101. It is a must-have for any employee you would like to retain.

Didn't see what you're looking for? Don't worry; we specialize in developing customized content to meet your needs.

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