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Customized Leadership Training



Whether you are looking for a one-off class, or a series of classes designed around your unique leadership brand, The Kannenberg Group is ready to help. We work with your team to discover what best reflects your organizational vision and corporate goals, then we build courses to help you achieve those goals.

If you’re looking for an entirely customized program, we have multiple assessment tools that help us recognize your current, actualized, and desired culture. Then we develop training courses to move your organization across that continuum. Once we’ve helped you achieve your goals, we can design on-boarding and re-certifying coursework to ensure your investment stands the test of time.

Contact us for customized training at the information below.  We look forward to working with you!

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CALL:  704-502-0068

Leadership Development

Guardians of Vision

It's your dream. We simply want to help you realize it. Customized training starts  with you and your guardians of vision. We know how to listen.

Corporate Training

Cultural Assessment

Experience has taught us the difference between perceived culture and actual culture. You can't plan where you're going until you know what you're leaving behind. We have some great assessment tools to help with this process.

Leadership Coaching


Developing your unique leadership brand involves matching that brand to your unique organizational structure. Ensuring that brand survives requires imprinting it on hearts of your people.

Introducing Our New
Structure, Culture, and Leadership Style Alignment Program

Is high turnover, and low employee engagement destroying your organization’s bottom line? Perhaps the employees aren’t the problem. Perhaps everything hinges on leadership. Gather together any group you desire and ask the simple question, “What’s leadership?” You’ll get as many definitions as there are people in the room. Organizations are constantly looking for the next “soup du jour,” when it comes to leadership training. When they find the hottest new trend, they run their management team through a four-hour course and Bam! Problem solved . . . right? No, not right. In fact, it just further complicates the issue. This thinking only ensures organizational confusion because it forces many opposing leadership philosophies to coexist. Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. The question you need to ask is what shape and size best suits your organization? Until you adequately answer that question and plan to tailor your leadership stylings to your own unique organizational frame, your employees will be pulled in every direction under the sun and productivity will never reach its full potential. Your corporate culture will be schizophrenic, to say the least. It is time to stop hiring leaders and start designing them. When a leadership brand is designed around a corporation’s vision and structure the culture begins to reflect a more desirable character. At the Kannenberg Group, we help companies identify and perpetuate their own leadership style centralizing corporate vision and values in every interaction. We utilize our own proprietary tools to assess perceived organizational structures, then we identify and analyze cultural dynamics while ascertaining the various leadership stylings employed by the current management team. From this data, we begin to align structure, culture, and style to vision and values. What emerges is a leadership branding entirely unique to each organization. Once the alignment is solidified, the process of training begins. We develop the emerging style into engaging, interactive courses management can embrace. Our efforts don’t stop there. We ensure recertification, and new-hire onboarding elements are designed into the training to guarantee the unique leadership brand perpetuates. Investing in a structure, culture, and styling alignment project with The Kannenberg Group is the single best way to turn your organization around and ensure the consistency your employees require to remain loyal to your organizational goals. Contact us today to learn more about how The Kannenberg Group can save your organization a staggering amount of money in lost revenue.

Customized Client Leadership Course and Commercial

We worked with Rowan Cabarrus Community College to design their Leadership Development Certificate Program. We custom designed the program and applied  it to their brand. From developing the curriculum and graphics packages, to content delivery and promotional video production, The Kannenberg Group worked closely with RCCC's guardians of vision to produce the program they had long desired to provide.

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