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Leadership Training Videos


Our video-driven courses bring the quality of instructor led training to an on-demand world by utilizing highly professional production, engaging graphics, and interactive content to draw the learner into a captivating environment which produces quality learning experiences. This well balanced video approach stimulates the audio, visual, and kinetic, mind of the learner, helping them to apply learned concepts immediately to their practical world.


Utilizing this on-demand format ensures your leadership team receives consistent training, greatly reducing the confusion that accompanies organizations who subject their workforce to various leadership stylings without rhyme or reason.

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Employee Engagement Course
Addressing the Current
Employee Engagement Crisis
Video Course

One thing we repeatedly hear from our clients is,

"It's so difficult to retain employees now that COVID is behind us. It seems like the whole world has changed." Truth be told, it has. How we attract, engage, and retain employees today is totally different than it was just a few years ago.

We designed this online video course to help our clients understand the "why" behind the problem. How to engage employees post-COVID is the most requested  training topic among employers.  This is simply the best material on the subject available today.

Sexual Harassment Training
Diversity, Harassment, and

Video Course

This is a condensed DEI / Sexual Harassment training program designed to help your organization gain the compliance training necessary without taking your employees off the floor for extended periods. Employees can complete their coursework individually in a time slot that does not interfere with your production. The course is highly engaging, all-encompassing, and successfully condensed into small, bite-sized segments that require people to pay attention, retain the material, pass the quizzes, and achieve their Kannenberg Group Certification in Diversity, Harassment, and Inclusion Training.

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