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 We realize it's not always possible to gather all your key players together simultaneously for a live training. That's why we have gone to great lengths to ensure our virtual classes are professionally produced and highly interactive.

Please take a moment to review our current live-online course schedule. If you find something that can benefit you or your team, simply click the link to register for the class. You will immediately receive a calendar invite with a zoom link to enter the course on the scheduled date and time. You will also receive a downloadable PDF of the course workbook to utilize as you follow along with the instructor's presentation. Please check back periodically, as we are consistently adding new coursework to our online schedule.

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Addressing the Post COVID Employee Engagement Crisis

8/14/23   9AM to 12PM

How to attract, engage and retain employees post-covid is a totally different science than it was just two short years ago.  Over the next 5 years, we will see huge market share fluctuations as proactive companies capture the workforce’s attention while reactionary companies fail to do so. How you position yourself, today, will determine on which end of this market share transfer you will find yourself after all this plays out. Learn how you can set your team up for success and drastically reduce your organization’s turnover rate.

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Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management

4/17/23   1PM to 4PM

The biggest obstacle most leaders face is themselves. We’re all human, and as such, we have emotional baggage. You might think you can hide it, but eventually everything comes to the surface. This course teaches your leaders to be more self-aware, self-managed, empathetic, and socially skilled. Help them to understand the anatomy of their emotions and equip them to utilize that knowledge to increase professionalism in the workplace. Supplying your leaders with this fool-proof message to handle conflict will greatly reduce your employee turnover and the sticky situations that dominate your HR manager’s world.

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Navigating the Dynamics of Change

5/19/23   9AM to 12PM

Based on concepts derived from many thought leaders on change management, our Navigating the Dynamics of Change course is the fastest and most effective way to prepare your team for the massive amounts of change necessary for organizational survival during the next few years. Knowing how to change is one thing. Knowing why it’s not working is a totally different concept. During this class we do something never been done before. We introduce change management to spiral dynamics, and by doing so, bring you a fresh, new concept of what organizational culture really is, where it comes from, and how it can be navigated to produce the environment for which you’ve so longed.

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Strategic Thinking

6/23/23   1PM to 4PM

With so much talk these days about vision, organizations are missing out on the one key ingredient to success that is far more powerful – alignment. Strategic thinking is more than a step-by-step procedure to your intended goals. It’s aligning values, vision, goals strategies, timelines, and personnel in such a way that the discussions don’t monopolize the decisions. Whether you’re an existing well-established company, or a passionate start-up, the take-aways from will course will revolutionize your future. You don’t want to miss this one!